Способ вибрационно-акустического массажа : Пат. 2687006 Рос. Федерация. МПК A61H23/00 В.О. Огуй ; № 2018121741 ; заявл. 14.06.18 ; опубл. 06.05.19 Бюл. № 13 - 29 c.


SUBSTANCE:invention refersto medicine, namely to restorative medicine, and can be used for correction of anxious and insomniac disorders. That is ensured by vibration-acoustic massage with the help of "singing bowl". "Singing bowl" is made from metal of "bell bronze" alloy and has the shape of vessel with inner diameter of 250 mm, height of walls of 110 mm and outer diameter of bottom of 130 mm. It is placed directly on the body massaged with contact directly with a naked body massaged or through tissue. "Singing bowl" is held with one hand, in the second hand there is a clapper instrument, which is an object, the handle of which is made of wood with length of 260 mm and diameter of 18 mm, and impact part from rubber in the form of cylinder with diameter of 55 mm and height of 35 mm. Method comprises extracting vibration from "singing bowl" by striking rubber part of beater on upper edge of bowl with series of 9 strokes with rhythm, characterized by mandatory equal pauses of 1 second between each of 9 strokes. After the vibration termination, the "singing bowl" moves to the next position according to the massage movements direction; at that, the sound waves are applied either to the entire massaged body or locally. Patient simultaneously performs respiratory physical exercises with a series of consecutive rhythmical breaths, breath and exhalation for 3–15 seconds, performing at least 3 series. Before the session and / or during the entire session or part of the session, the "singing bowl" or its part is warmed, not exceeding, the level of temperatures comfortable for the massaged one. Sessions are conducted no more than once a day. Duration of session is 50 minutes in the first session and 60 to 70 minutes in the second and subsequent sessions. Number of sessions in course is 3, with a session execution interval every other day.

EFFECT: method provides effective correction of anxiety and insomnia with simultaneous reduction of duration and number of procedures.

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